Predicting & Neutralizing Cyber Attacks

Haruspex is a highly innovative company and comes up from more than 5 years of research in cooperation with University of Pisa.

Haruspex innovative technology has received two IBM worldwide awards in 2012 and 2014, one NATO award in 2016 and MoD technical excellence award in 2017.
Further, it has been proven in several cyberwar exercises.

Haruspex team provides highly qualified skills spanning from business, management, research and computer science technology. Development group is composed by researchers having master and doctoral degrees in a wide range of computer science disciplines: Security, Operational Research, Algorithms, Big Data, and Networking.

Haruspex goal is to provide customers with an innovative formal approach to assess and manage the cyber risk in complex ICT systems. Haruspex applies automatic model-based assessment methodology to simulate attackers’ behavior and threats to minimize/eliminate the risk in a very cost-effective way.

Haruspex assessments can discover cyber security problems of an ICT system even before deploying it. Haruspex provides information like Where and Which probability a breach can occur and the Remediations to apply to finally neutralize the risk.

Via Vittorio Veneto, 126, 19124, La Spezia (SP), Italy